About Tracts with Legs

At the moment, our front page has most of the information you’d probably like to know about us.

Tracts with Legs is an initiative of the American Christian Mind Project.  This is a project started because of the problem that American Christians have in not loving God with their minds – as many fine Christian authors and important church leaders have warned us, for 60 years – or even 120, if one wishes to include a Roman Catholic pope.  We’ve written the equivalent of over 1,000 pages on this in a site for church leaders – to help inform them of this issue, and to find practical ways of confronting it.  The project aims to begin something inspired by the Tractarian Movement that started in the 1830’s, a time in which the Church of England had remarkably similar problems to what we see today in the American church.  We hope to bring together scholars and experts who know about the problems of the American Christian mind, to work together with pastors, to put together a kind of “program” for addressing this daunting issue.

The two project leads of the American Christian Mind Project – who are also the two leads of this project – are James Coder and Michael Weaver.

James Coder is a web developer and independent researcher.  He has an MA in philosophy from the Catholic University of Leuven, and has done extensive postgraduate research.  He also has a BA in philosophy and literature from Wheaton College.

Michael Weaver is an adjunct professor of writing at Toccoa Falls College.   Mike’s passion is setting up a five-year instructional course for Christians to learn to love Scripture and read it responsibly – including hermeneutics and even hermeneutic theory – leading to a lifetime plan of devotional study.

You can contact us through our contact page or get ahold of James directly.

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