Aggressively Promote Awareness that we must love God with all our minds

We’re trying to make it as easy (and cheap – for those with low incomes) to help American Christians learn that they must love God with all our minds.

[ still wondering what that #0 is?  Put the number zero in the “Tract #” box – above if on a computer – below if you have a phone or tablet – and hit “go” – it brings you to the tract text of the assigned number – and “zero” is sort of our ground zero, Christ’s own words – not even really comparable to our own – our words are like just footnotes ]

Os Guinness tells us that our failure to do this is actually a deep sin of American Evangelicals – one that goes back to the 1820’s and 1830’s.  Mark Noll (Scandal of the Evangelical Mind) lets Guinness speak when it comes to how we deal with the issue of the mind “as a theological issue” – i.e., what the Bible says about it, how God sees it – i.e., the way that Christians will come to see it when they begin to take seriously Christ’s words that we must obey God with our minds.

Yard signs are $15 + shipping. We’ve been looking into trying to get them in bulk for cheaper. But fifteen bucks isn’t much.

The “first thing” – the first step – that’s just plain and simple, bringing people to read the words of Christ over again, and ask them to ponder them.  To not just slide over that word “mind” and begin talky talk about the heart.  To take the mind to heart.

There are quite a few other things we also want to teach you with our tracts which will make this easier and deeper.  As we confess, as we turn away from sin – well things become clearer.  Including the many aspects of our falling-short with regard to loving God with our minds.

This is our mission.  This is our reason for being here.  It might not be why you’re here, and that’s okay – things take time.  Come back, read more, buy our shirts, wear our shirts.

One inch buttons are $1.50 plus about $1.50 postage. We have a source for getting them much, much cheaper in quantity for churches. Contact James about this – we can get you 50 for about $20.

Or if you are in a low income group – buy a button, wear a button!  A buck fifty, about three bucks total with shipping!  And if you’re not in a low income group – buy shirts and a button!  The button you can probably wear every day, which probably isn’t the case for the shirts.  It will take a little more effort to turn heads, to begin conversations.  You might have to actually point to it – call attention to it.  That’s okay!  This is most definitely a thing which merits aggressive promotion of awareness.  Use the button as the opening gambit – how there’s this wacky walking-tracts outfit selling ironic shirts online, rickrolling folks into learning to love God with their minds.  But with an utterly serious goal that sort of boggles the mind, when you begin to think of the background, and other kinds of things.  Kinda like – look, this is the only way we could get you to listen.  But let’s repent of the deafness – the busy-busyness – the many things that are keeping us from loving God with our minds, from our minds glorifying God.

See where they go with that.  Take it a little further.

Then come back to those same folks.  Talk a little more, gently – ask them what they’ve made of it since your last talk.

This takes time!  This is no easy-going kind of thing!  Repentance rarely is.  Especially not of socially acceptable sins.

This takes love.

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