We’ll be answering your questions as we get to them!  Here’s our FAQ.

Our distribution partner is very strict with regards to returns.

Products may be returned when there is an error in printing, when the product is truly flawed, or when you did not receive the product ordered.

Returns are not accepted on the basis of a size that doesn’t fit.  Very specific sizing information is given with all the products.  If you aren’t sure – please simply know then that it’s a risk that you take regarding size.

Returns are not accepted on the basis of not liking a design, or even slight discrepancies between the product mock-up picture and the item received.

This allows us to keep our prices down, and put as much as we can toward confronting the problem of the American Christian Mind in an intentional manner.

Shipping is free for the United States, and $7.50 for the rest of the world, flat rate.