Guidelines for using our Tracts

Please use healthy discernment when using these Tracts!  With where and when you wear them.  With how you speak to people who ask you about them.

Please remember Paul’s “milk/meat” distinction.  Not all people are ready for all topics.  Also – for some of the more difficult, heartbreaking topics that have to do with the falling-short of the American church – one must really tread lightly.  None of this Johnny Hotspeaker jumping on a soapbox stuff.  No ranty ranty on Facebook stuff (or just please please – be very careful with that Facebook ranty ranty!).

Please also bear in mind that with some topics – ones where you sense much “resistance” – lots of hurt and anger – it might be most appropriate for you to approach someone’s “person of peace” – i.e., their spiritual leader.  I.e., their pastor.  It might just be that it’s the pastor they need to hear it from.  That they’ll respond more peaceably to.  The person who loves them and knows how to create a situation of love, peace, and trust in which they can hear an ugly, nasty, sharp-as glass message in that safer, more gentle, more loving way that Christ wants His children who are “milk” children to be able to receive those messages.

Please do NOT operate outside of the authority of the church.  Please do not go “challenging” church leadership – rather, speak with them peacefully, on the terms that they set – with the invitation that they give.

If they do not want you wearing a particular shirt, or maybe even any of our shirts – in their church building, or around their flock – please honor that.

We hope to make some cheap items that pastors can easily purchase should the problem come up if people aren’t respecting these guidelines.  Little loving reminders for those who go over the line – that they went over the line.  Even if we believe that pastors aren’t doing what they should to teach their flocks to love God with their minds – we see how so very profoundly this mind problem is a body problem, that we’re actually with the pastors for this particular issue.  We might disagree on them about many things – but on the issue of the pastor’s spiritual authority in their own church, we’re in agreement.  We acknowledge that this authority is sometimes abused, and that’s a sin.  But even if it’s abused – it’s still authority.  It’s not our place to be going “trespassing” on a pastor’s turf.