Pray With Us

We will be posting information about praying together with us online regarding the issue of the American Christian mind at some time in the near future.  Please come back to check on this page.  It will have instructions and a link to where we are praying – we’ll have a moderator to make sure the crazies don’t distract us.

Very likely it will be about 15-20 minutes on Wednesday night at 10:00PM EST.  This will allow those living a bit west to also join us after dinner.

Not many are aware of this, but live online prayer – in our opinion, especially when it’s text based – can be a great way to focus together on praying for an important cause.

Nb – online prayer is also a great thing just for two or three people.  We should be doing this more in times like these, when few are praying, and everyone is like – hey yeah I’m so busy.  Fifteen minutes a week is a doable thing.